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Example: The Stretch Ceiling has been flooded from upstairs

leak 09

The stretch ceiling membrane is quite expandable and offers the utmost resistance: even in extreme situations (as per the above picture), it can remain this much distorted for several hours until repair comes (worse cases shown in photo gallery further down)

After being drained and heated, the membrane will return to its original shape


You can see right below a  few other examples of dwelling spared from flooding. In those other instances, flooding was also effectively prevented owing to the Stretch Ceiling System, therefore avoiding major repair costs and furniture replacement..

1 2 4 5 10 12





Q : Why have I never heard of Stretch Ceilings Before?

A : The Stretch Ceiling System started in Europe in the 1970’s but became very popular after the 1990’s,

where it is now in high demand. Nevertheless, the stretch ceiling has never been advertised on the retail market in the past, since it has always been exclusively used by the construction industry and interior designers, which partly explains this absence of information.


Q : What is a Stretch Ceiling?

A : A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system that consists of two components: a Track and a Lightweight Membrane, which stretches and clips into the Track.


Q : Where Stretch Ceilings can be used?

A : Indoors, anywhere a ceiling needs to be installed or replaced.


Q : Does the Stretch Ceiling System require any particular maintenance?

A : The Stretch Ceiling System requires NO MAINTENANCE, If necessary, it can be cleaned with regular household cleaning agents or just soap and water.

Avoid the use of strong chemicals or solvents as these may void the warranty.


Q : Do Stretched Ceilings come in different colors?

A : Yes, we offer over 200 colors to choose from, as well as 6 finishes such as Matte – Satin – Lacquer – Translucent – Perforated – Suede.


Q : Is the Stretch Ceiling System only installed in Europe?

A : No. Besides being quite a popular product and in high demand in Europe, it is actually also present around the world, on all 5 continents, more precisely in 120 countries, the U.S. included, of course.


Q : What is the resistance of Batica-Renov Stretch Ceilings?

A : The membrane can hold the volume of about 26 gallons of water per 10 square feet, this type of ceiling can help avoid a major water damage in your home.


Q : Can you clean a Stretch Ceiling?

A : In normal use, a Stretch Ceiling does not need to be cleaned. If it were to be stained, you can use a regular household cleaning product or just soap and water.

On a glossy (Lacquer) ceilings, you must not use any abrasive product. Please feel free to contact us for more advice.


Q : Is the Stretch Ceiling Batica-Renov recyclable?

A : Yes, this type of Ceiling is 100% recyclable so eco-friendly.


Q : What is the lifespan of a Stretch Ceiling?

A : Experience shows us that our ceilings retain all their technical properties for many years, and numbers of Stretch Ceilings are still in place twenty years later.


Q : How much time is needed to install a stretch ceiling of 200 sqf?

A : It depends on the complexity of the task, but the installation in a regular 200 sqf room is carried out within 4 hours.


QHow far down from the original ceiling is the stretch one installed?

A : The Stretch Ceiling is  mounted 1 inch below the existing ceiling, and the laser level will help achieve the perfect flatness of your new one.


Q : Is there any airflow between the old and the new ceiling?

A : Absolutely, since the track is not air-tight, it enables some airflow between the two ceilings.


Q : Can Batica-renov Stretch Ceilings also be installed in heavy traffic room?

A : Our Stretch Ceiling System is rated Class I in the USA , within the requirements of the ASTM E84 Flame Spread Test and successfully meets UL criteria, as Stretch Ceiling Systems are made of a non-flammable PVC membrane.


Q : Can we integrate lights or spotlights into the Stretch Ceiling Batica-Renov?

A : All types of light source can be integrated into the Stretch Ceiling System, pre-existing light fixtures can still be used and loudspeakers or vents can even be re-integrated.


Q : What will happen if something from the old ceiling falls on the new ceiling, like paint chips, for example?

A : The Stretch Ceiling can easily be removed and reassembled to allow access to the space above, but paint chips would not be seen from below and, anyway, not heavy enough to get noticed.


Q : May the installation work of Stretch Ceiling cause my room to be dusty?

A : No, the installation process is quite neat  and rarely takes more than a day. Hardly any dust will develop. As soon as the installation specialist has finished his work, you will immediately feel “at home” again.


Q : Does an existing popcorn ceiling need to be removed before installing a Stretch Ceiling System?

A : No. Stretch ceiling installation does not require any kind of prior set up. It is not necessary to remove the pop corn (No mess). It is a quick and easy process that needs absolutely no scrubbing or leveling of the current surface.


Q : Can Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling membrane be used as an acoustical product?

A : A stretch ceiling can act as a sound absorber with the micro-perforated option.

As per sound requirement testing, it can absorb up to 65 % of noise.


Q : What is the warranty of Batica-Renov Stretch Ceilings?

A : *Batica-Renov Stretch Ceilings ALL come with 10-year warranty on harpoon welding. Any recessed pvc « rings » or any platform for: A.C. Vents, Chandeliers, Spotlights, Smoke detectors and others recessed are warranty only the day of the installation. Any damage on the stretch ceiling membrane after the day of the final installation will not be the responsibility of  Batica-Renov (Pollini LLC). EXCEPT the welding harpoon and double welded membrane had mentioned above. All Rings and/or platform, if they are not right installed are broke immediately during the process of stretching due to the high pressure and the high heat during of the membrane installation. Do not hesitate to ask me further details questions about that. Christian.


Q : Can the Stretch Ceiling be damaged? Can it be fixed?

A : The film membrane is thin and sensitive to sharp objects, therefore it can be punctured. Nevertheless, it can be repaired depending on the nature of the damage.


Q : Why should I choose the Stretch Ceiling system?

A : You can easily find some information about the stretch ceiling on the internet.
Most stretch ceilings
customers are satisfied, and as far as our company is concerned, 100% of our customers are fully satisfied with their new ceiling and often install an other one later. The feedback is always positive, resulting in many referrals.

High-gloss finish is great for creating an illusion of a wider space. Stretch Ceilings also help save energy by creating another layer that acts as an extra insulation, therefore reducing heating or cooling costs.

The product is great for covering up any flaws in the original ceiling such as cracks, unevenness or discoloration. Stretch ceilings require no further maintenance and are 100% safe.


Q : What materials are used to manufacture of Stretch Ceilings?

A : We use PVC film membrane of various textures, specially manufactured for Stretch Ceilings, in Germany and France.


Q : What is the difference between Matte, Satin and Lacquer finish?

A : The Matte finish has a texture that looks like ordinary paint since its surface is a little rough.

The Satin is a smooth and flat texture, with a very light gloss effect. This is a good compromise between matte and gloss (Lacquer).

The Lacquer finish gives a reflexion and visually widens the space (a bright room will seem to have a mirror on the ceiling).


Q : Can the Stretch Ceiling membrane Batica-Renov be damaged by the hit of champagne cork?

A : No if it is popped the regular way, but… Yes, if you are sabering a bottle of champagne.


Q : Can any image be printed on Stretch Ceilings?

A : Yes the Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling Film Membrane can have any photo-ready custom art UV printed, which is a brand new technology.


Q : Can the Stretch Ceilings System be made of complex shapes?

A : Yes, any shape and configuration of Stretch Ceilings is possible.

This opens limitless possibilities for clients’ solutions and imagination.


Q : Do we have to remove furniture before installing a Stretch Ceiling?

A : The fewer items in the room, the easier and quicker the installation will be, so we strongly recommand the removal of fragile &/or valuable items and plants from the rooms prior to mounting the stretch ceiling.


Q : What are the terms, methods and conditions of payment?

A : You can pay with cash or by money order, credit & debit card or a bank check (please, no personal checks).

We request a 50% advance payment, since the Stretch Ceiling Membrane is custom made and cut with the utmost precision to fit exactly the size of your room and your room only. The balance is paid in full, once the ceiling is mounted (the very day of completion).


Q : Where Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling can be installed?

A : This technology is compatible with almost any type of interior including: Commercial spaces – Residential homes – Pools – Children’s rooms – Spas – Hotels – Car dealerships – Recording studios – Hospitals – Labs – Medical & Dental offices – Night clubs – Restaurants – Airports – Auditoriums – Boats.


Q : Is Batica-Renov France Stretch Ceiling still active?

A : Yes, we have a team in France dealing with an extensive customer base and their referrals, since it is a very popular product abroad (mostly in Europe), where it is in high demand. Our local teams provide quotes, installation and excellent customer service, much like our team based in Florida.

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Batica Renov USA – Batica Renov France

Christian Pollini


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Advantages of Stretch Ceiling in comparaison with other types of ceilings

(eg: 4,000 sqf)


 Stretch CeilingsOther Ceilings
Material total weight for 4,000 sqf385 lb9,815 lb
Packaging for 4,000 sqf4 lb82 lb
Completion/LeadTime 4,000 sqf2 days4 / 5 days
Material waste for 4,000 sqf+/- 0% 700 lb
Recyclable Yes 100%Non reusable
  Sorting necessary
Means of transportation for 4,000 sqfCarTruck
Material Volume for 4,000 sqfSmallLarge
Fuel Consumption for 4,000 sqfLess Significant
Maintenance for 4,000 sqfNone for 30 years or moreYes: cracks/peel/mold/stain
    May happen anytime
Access to infrastructure above YesDrywall NO / Suspended :Y
Mildew, Mold and Fungus FREE
Health Safety
None DetectedMay happen
Vapor barrierPermeability Tested
HypoallergenicYesYes for drywall
  Not for suspended
Thermal insulationImprovesNot for drywall
  Partial for suspended
Acoustical insulationImprovesNot for drywall
  Partial for suspended
Dust during installation processNoneYes

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Batica Renov USA – Batica Renov France

Christian Pollini


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Matte – Satin – Lacquer – Translucent – Perforated – Suede




Over 200 colors to choose from

ART: A wide array of patterns available

Batica Renov USA – Batica Renov France

Christian Pollini




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How Much Does a Stretch Ceiling Cost?

Ask the same question but with different building materials to a professional:

How much does a drywall ceiling cost?

How much does a suspended ceiling cost?

The answer will always be:

– How large is the ceiling?

– Where?

– Residential, Commercial?

– etc.

We Have The Same Query!

The price of the stretch ceiling will depend on several factors:
– Total area?

– Which type of membrane finish?
– Number of angles?
– Onsite accessibility?
– Location?

– Support on which the profile must be installed?
– Residential or commercial?
– Ceiling height

How Much Does a Stretch Ceiling Cost?

Why is the only difference between these 2 identical areas of 400 sqf their respective track line?

The first area of 400 sqf (5 ft x 80 ft)
Width: 5 ft + 5 ft = 10 ft
Length: 80 ft + 80 ft = 160 ft
Width +  total length = 170 ft of track line

The second area of 400 sqf (20 ft x 20 ft)

Width: 20 ft + 20 ft = 40 ft
Length: 20 ft + 20 ft = 40 ft
Width + total length = 80 ft
of track line

This does not mean that the price will be higher, it only means that NO two ceilings are identical.

We have to be on the premises to get a clear picture of the work to be done, for each project.
Once the perimeter has been measured and the color & finish selected, then we will issue a one-time and final detailed quote.


How Much Does a Stretch Ceiling Cost?

A Drywall Ceiling average price is roughly $2.70/sqf and, in addition, it needs to be painted for at least an additional $3.30/sqf for a matte finish so the total actually comes to a minimum of $6.00/sqf. Besides, the job CANNOT be completed on the same day.

It is a fact, Stretch Ceilings have always been more expensive than suspended or drywall ceilings, there is no question about it,  the two main reasons being the completion time and the included 10-year warranty on harpoon welding. you will not encounter ANY kind of problems as far as cracking, peeling, painting, sanding, mold formation, etc…(see the comparaison grid in the « Compare » tab).

Now, how long is your current ceiling guaranteed for??.

So, How Much Does a Stretch Ceiling Actually Cost?

Please give us a call. We will come out to your home and provide you with an onsite quote..

Worry free for a long time !.

A bit more expensive but what a SPECTACULAR

result without any hassles and…



Our company exclusively uses the highest quality European materials, highly regarded in the industry and approved for years in the installation process. These materials are fully compliant and meet all major INTERNATIONAL quality and safety requirements, including UL standards. Our main European partners are quite well-known PVC film manufacturers, such as:


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Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet


Weight/10 sqf

  • Matte/Translucent – 0.4lb / Satin – 0.4lb / Lacquer & Metallic 0.4lb
  • Acoustic Properties ISO 354:2003 – 100mm VOID
  • Absorption coefficients guide for typical installation using stretched materials with minimum 40mm insulation above.

Standard Non Perforated B

  • Frequency (HZ)                     125       250       500       1k       2k       4k
  • Absorption Coefficient          0.27      0.71      0.80      0.40    0.23    0.11

Perforated 245,000 holes / per sq mt A

  • Frequency (HZ)                    125       250        500       1k       2k        4k
  • Absorption Coefficient          0.27     0.74       0.92     0.67     0.58     0.43

Break resistance Longitudinal: 196.60kg/cm2

Break resistance  Transversal : 220.70kg/cm2

Thermal Emission Factor NH/PTH

  • Matte – 0.15 / Satin 0.15 / Lacquer & Metallic – 0.14

Thermal Emission Factor ESPIL

  • Matte 0.83 / Satin 0.83 / Lacquer & Metallic – 0.84


  • Typical average for Lacquer – 4.10 at 11ohms

Lengthening break resistance Longitudinal : 230 %

Lengthening  break resistance Transversal : 308 %

Fire-Resistance Rating

  • Class I in the USA

Light reflectance and transmission

  • Color / finish Reflectance % Transmission %
  • White Lacquer 78.7 9.5
  • White Matte 81 9.7
  • Translucent 39.1 74.8

Temperature stability -15*C / +45*C

Memory of the material : Shape memory

Tear break down Longitudinal R=1.61dn Transversal R=2.00dn

Fire-Resitance Rating

  • to: EN13501-1, Rating: B S1 d0, UK Equivalent to Class “0”

Vapor Barrier

  • Water Vapor Permeability Tested To BS 3177

Health Safety

  • Typical Microbiological Trial
  • 14 Days – chlorinated solution wipe after 7 days – inoculated Bacterium:

   E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella,Yeast, Mold: NONE DETECTED


Batica Renov USA – Batica Renov France

Christian Pollini

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Before & After

Batica Renov USA – Batica Renov France

Christian Pollini


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A picture speaks louder than words…

This slideshow will surely help you better understand the entire installation process


The Stretch Ceiling installation method


There are 2 methods of Stretch Ceiling Installation:

– One method without Harpoon (used by some competitors).

– The better one, with Harpoon, is custom fit to your room for maximum flatness,

which enables it to be easily removed and reassembled: THIS IS OUR METHOD !



During our initial visit, we will discuss all the possibilities and designs that can be achieved:

    • Membrane finish best adapted to your liking
  • Type of lighting options and most suitable film color
  • Price range
  • Warranty provided and, last but not least,
  • Scheduling the installation


We will get precise measurements of your project to ensure a perfect fit of your new stretch ceiling, which is custom made in a European factory.

Step-by-step installation



On the scheduled installation day, if needed we will move and/or cover and protect pieces of furniture within the work area (normally no furniture needs to be removed from the room, since access is only required just around the perimeter). As a mere precaution, we would still recommend that any specific item of sentimental value or hard to replace to be removed by you and placed in a safer area.


A horizontal line is to be made so we use a self-leveling laser to provide a perfect ceiling flatness. All angles are measured with our device, specially designed for ceilings, in order to ensure a flawless result.

Now the tracks are cut at exactly the same dimension (which is necessary for incoming and outgoing angles) and ready to be screwed or stapled, whether to the walls or directly to your actual ceiling (it could be any type of frame or some other form of rigid structure).



Once the track installation is complete, electrical work needs to be executed before mounting your new stretch ceiling. Any other type of fixtures should be set in prior to final installation of the Stretch Ceiling membrane.

Once this phase has been carried out, it will thoroughly be checked for security and conformity.


The membrane has to be carefully unpacked, the mirror lacquered membrane is protected by a polyethylene wrapping foam for dust and security purpose.

It is also recommended that any source of cold air, in that specific room, be shut off during the installation process.

In the meantime, the room will be heated with our special equipment up to about 105 F, then very carefully, the ceiling membrane will be unwrapped from its protective covering and gently warmed up.

The membrane has to be clamped at several strategic spots using special clamps, since it is important to maintain an even stretching of the membrane, throughout the heating phase.

The Stretch Ceiling is an interior design element, and not a structural component.

The whole process is streamlined and fairly simple: the stretch ceiling membrane is usually extended by +5% during the installation process, ensuring it to remain flat and not sag.

Then, every inch of harpoon is safely fastened so now the membrane must gradually and completely cool down, on its own. Until it reaches normal room temperature, the area must remain closed. At the end, you get a perfectly flat ceiling.


As a final step, openings for recessed lighting, A/C vents, pipes, etc, are very carefully cut out into the membrane then, in order to enable the final fittings to be set up, reinforcing rings get inserted.

All previous steps require professional experience and extensive practice with full knowledge of the product, as well as the use of specialized equipment.


Batica Renov USA – Batica Renov France

Christian Pollini


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Naturally, when you enter a room, your eyes first focus on the furniture and floor.

With a mirror lacquered membrane, everybody will notice your ceiling right away

and their first reaction will be:





The main advantage of using Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling is the end result: a beautiful smooth surface that can elegantly accent any « décor ».

The Stretch Ceiling can be successfully used in any new construction, renovation, design and decoration project, as an alternative or a complement.

The Stretch Ceiling track is made of PVC or Aluminium and is installed on the wall less than 1 inch below your actual ceiling or directly on it, depending on the configuration you requested.

It will be mounted over your existing ceiling, without removing the drywall or any other ceiling material.

The Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling system is much easier to install than any other types, such as drywall and suspended ceiling. The Stretch Ceiling System may be installed anywhere: Single family homes, condos, boats, hotels, motels, hospitals, theaters, airports, offices, stores, labs and even indoor pool areas.


There are no limits or restrictions for this product


The Stretch Ceiling Film Membrane already comes in a multitude of styles and patterns to choose from but, can also be custom UV printed (brand new technology) with your very own design or photo.  Besides, it is anti-static, non-allergenic, non toxic, eco-friendly, hence safe both for the environment and your health, as well as quite practical by being washable, entirely waterproof and maintenance free.



– Never, ever, have to paint your ceiling again

– No more peels, flakes or cracks

– No more stains on the ceiling or color fading overtime


The Stretch Ceiling products can usually be installed in just a single day, thus avoiding all the inconveniences of a ceiling renovation (furniture moving, mandatory paint dry time, odor, sanding and dust, etc.). This is especially interesting for any type of business that cannot stop their operations for an extended period of time.

The Stretch Ceiling Film Membrane can be UV printed using Eco-Solvent, we also have hundreds of art prints to choose from in our catalogues.

The Stretch Ceiling is very resistent and, in case of accidental flooding, the membrane can hold up to about 26 gallons of water per 10 square feet.

It’s 100% fire proof and UL approved, as well as 100% recyclable.

The Stretch Ceiling Film is 0.0071 inches thin (0.18mm or 18/100mm).

The Stretch Ceiling comes with a 10-year warranty on harpoon welding.


Our company exclusively uses the highest quality European materials, highly regarded in the industry and approved for years in the installation process. These materials are fully compliant and meet all major INTERNATIONAL quality and safety requirements, including UL standards.

Our main European partners are quite well-known PVC film manufacturers, such as:





Some examples of the Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling Tracks :



Our systems were designed to meet any technical requirement


What can be incorporated in the Batica-Renov Stretch Ceiling:

  • Spot light mounting
  • Light fittings
  • Sensors
  • Air vents
  • A/C vents
  • Sprinklers
  • Smoke detectors



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