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Spec Sheet


Spec Sheet


Weight/10 sqf

  • Matte/Translucent – 0.4lb / Satin – 0.4lb / Lacquer & Metallic 0.4lb
  • Acoustic Properties ISO 354:2003 – 100mm VOID
  • Absorption coefficients guide for typical installation using stretched materials with minimum 40mm insulation above.

Standard Non Perforated B

  • Frequency (HZ)                     125       250       500       1k       2k       4k
  • Absorption Coefficient          0.27      0.71      0.80      0.40    0.23    0.11

Perforated 245,000 holes / per sq mt A

  • Frequency (HZ)                    125       250        500       1k       2k        4k
  • Absorption Coefficient          0.27     0.74       0.92     0.67     0.58     0.43

Break resistance Longitudinal: 196.60kg/cm2

Break resistance  Transversal : 220.70kg/cm2

Thermal Emission Factor NH/PTH

  • Matte – 0.15 / Satin 0.15 / Lacquer & Metallic – 0.14

Thermal Emission Factor ESPIL

  • Matte 0.83 / Satin 0.83 / Lacquer & Metallic – 0.84


  • Typical average for Lacquer – 4.10 at 11ohms

Lengthening break resistance Longitudinal : 230 %

Lengthening  break resistance Transversal : 308 %

Fire-Resistance Rating

  • Class I in the USA

Light reflectance and transmission

  • Color / finish Reflectance % Transmission %
  • White Lacquer 78.7 9.5
  • White Matte 81 9.7
  • Translucent 39.1 74.8

Temperature stability -15*C / +45*C

Memory of the material : Shape memory

Tear break down Longitudinal R=1.61dn Transversal R=2.00dn

Fire-Resitance Rating

  • to: EN13501-1, Rating: B S1 d0, UK Equivalent to Class “0”

Vapor Barrier

  • Water Vapor Permeability Tested To BS 3177

Health Safety

  • Typical Microbiological Trial
  • 14 Days – chlorinated solution wipe after 7 days – inoculated Bacterium:

   E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella,Yeast, Mold: NONE DETECTED


Batica Renov USA – Batica Renov France

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