How Much Does a Stretch Ceiling Cost?

Ask the same question but with different building materials to a professional:

How much does a drywall ceiling cost?

How much does a suspended ceiling cost?

The answer will always be:

– How large is the ceiling?

– Where?

– Residential, Commercial?

– etc.

We Have The Same Query!

The price of the stretch ceiling will depend on several factors:
– Total area?

– Which type of membrane finish?
– Number of angles?
– Onsite accessibility?
– Location?

– Support on which the profile must be installed?
– Residential or commercial?
– Ceiling height

How Much Does a Stretch Ceiling Cost?

Why is the only difference between these 2 identical areas of 400 sqf their respective track line?

The first area of 400 sqf (5 ft x 80 ft)
Width: 5 ft + 5 ft = 10 ft
Length: 80 ft + 80 ft = 160 ft
Width +  total length = 170 ft of track line

The second area of 400 sqf (20 ft x 20 ft)

Width: 20 ft + 20 ft = 40 ft
Length: 20 ft + 20 ft = 40 ft
Width + total length = 80 ft
of track line

This does not mean that the price will be higher, it only means that NO two ceilings are identical.

We have to be on the premises to get a clear picture of the work to be done, for each project.
Once the perimeter has been measured and the color & finish selected, then we will issue a one-time and final detailed quote.


How Much Does a Stretch Ceiling Cost?

A Drywall Ceiling average price is roughly $2.70/sqf and, in addition, it needs to be painted for at least an additional $3.30/sqf for a matte finish so the total actually comes to a minimum of $6.00/sqf. Besides, the job CANNOT be completed on the same day.

It is a fact, Stretch Ceilings have always been more expensive than suspended or drywall ceilings, there is no question about it,  the two main reasons being the completion time and the included 10-year warranty on harpoon welding. you will not encounter ANY kind of problems as far as cracking, peeling, painting, sanding, mold formation, etc…(see the comparaison grid in the « Compare » tab).

Now, how long is your current ceiling guaranteed for??.

So, How Much Does a Stretch Ceiling Actually Cost?

Please give us a call. We will come out to your home and provide you with an onsite quote..

Worry free for a long time !.

A bit more expensive but what a SPECTACULAR

result without any hassles and…



Our company exclusively uses the highest quality European materials, highly regarded in the industry and approved for years in the installation process. These materials are fully compliant and meet all major INTERNATIONAL quality and safety requirements, including UL standards. Our main European partners are quite well-known PVC film manufacturers, such as:


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